A Brycen tends to be athletic participating in various sports. He is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet, and he sends things that just make you smile. He has many friends, but always has time for his girlfriend. If you are ever lucky enough to get a Brycen never let him go. You will miss seeing his amazingly gorgeous face.
Girl 1: Omg! That guy is so hot!
Girl 2: Yeah, that is Brycen. He plays baseball and basketball.
Girl 3: Why did I ever let him go? He was a great guy.
by kperry658 January 28, 2013
Top Definition
a funny, hot guy that i'm secretly in love with
girl: are you going to lindsay's party?
me: yeahh....i wonder if brycen will be there...
girl: wow...
by DoesntMatterReally April 21, 2007
the most amazing guy ever. if you are lucky enough to meet brycen or have him in your life you will see what i mean. you can get lost in his eyes and live forever in his kiss. he'll never let you frown because he hates to see you sad. once you meet him i can promise you youll love him forever.
Girl: wow brycen looks amazing
Me: i know! hes so freakin sexy
Girl: i wish he was my boyfriend
Me: hey bitch back off hes already mine
by itsmeyoufool October 17, 2010
A Brycen is a sweet and handsome guy. He is a sporty guy and does very well at them. He may be loud sometimes around people, but he hangs with you because he is caring and loving. He is a funny guy and u cant take the smile off your face when you are with him. If you are ever lucky enough to get a Brycen, never let him go. And a Keira and a Brycen would be a perfect couple.
Girl 1: Wow that guy is hawt!!!
Girl 2: I know. Of course he is. It is Brycen.
Girl 3: Yeah he is in baseball and basketball. Ehy did i ever let him go?
by kperry658 January 27, 2013
a very short and fugly lookin guy who only hangs out on the street corner to have a smoke
look at brycen out in the cold! what a dipshit!
by viarss February 24, 2010
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