Refering to a woman with dark brown or black hair, darker eyes, and usually dark complexion. Some people commonly label everyone with any shade of brown hair as "brunette", even though lighter shades of brown hair are anthropogically considered "blond(e)".
Many Spanish women are brunettes. Sarah is a brunette, she has dark hair.
by JMC3 May 15, 2006
A lovely brown hair shade, commonly associated with intelligence. Some brunettes think just because they have this hair colour, that they're smarter than the blondes and redheads out there. Guess what? You aren't.
Brunette 1 : Lookie, it's Felicity!
Brunette 2: What a stupid blonde!
Brunette 1: And her friend, Fern, that stupid strawberry blonde!
Blonde: Guess what?

Brunette 1 : I don't care because I got a 95% on the math test!
Blonde + strawberry blonde: Good job! Ooh, and we got perfect! Wanna have some crisps to celebrate?
Brunettes: Screw you guys!
by Strawberry Blonde person January 22, 2011
What ALL (adult) celebrities naturally are- fact!
Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, all the Spice Girls, etc, could go on forever.

Even all the "blonde" guy celebrities are naturally brunette (though guy are commonly called brunet). Jesse McCartney, Aaron Carter, those two kids from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, etc.

However, note that many kids have blonde hair that darkens with age. The Olsen twins naturally had blonde hair at one point.
by sixhunderedandfive July 26, 2007
brunettes r sooooooo better than blondes! They r sophisticated n clever n know how 2 keep men happy n interested, UNLIKE some blondes who most of the time r boring n thick!
whoa....that brunette is soooo much nicer than that minging blonde!
by ?????? May 18, 2004
People who are jealous of blondes hair, so they make fucking retarded jokes about them. Actually, some blondes are not stupid. Ever thought of that? Blondes can sometimes be bitches, and so can brunettes, but i think its a pile of fucking bull shit that in every movie i see, the blonde girl is always either the popular bitch, or the goody goody. SO stereotipyical.

Other Brunette: "HOW?"


Other Brunette: "OMG!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!! so FUNNY!!"

Blonde: "wow. You are THAT jealous of me, that you have to tell that fucking stupid joke like every time i walk by."
by whocaresanyways? January 05, 2010
Girls with dark hair.

Judging by the definitions here, brunettes seem insecure. They slag blondes off and say that they're better than them. Definately a sign of insecurity and jealousy. No hair colour is better than any other. Fucks sake!
Stop judging people by their hair colour and get a fuckin' life! No hair colour's sexier than any other so get over it.
by computer says no May 18, 2005
1. Person with a hair color that is a darker shade of BLOND.

2. A person who normally is so insecure with themselves, they have to attack blonds in order to gain higher self-esteem. Just because the media said blonds are sexy.

3. The most common hair color.
That girl is a brunette and thinks blonds are dumb just because she thinks she's ugly.

That boy's hair color is brown, therefore he is a brunette
by The Opinionator March 05, 2010
A woman with brown hair.

Blond hair is thought to be more attractive,raising ego and letting blond women change themselves so people think they're better,because most people know that breast implants can cause infections ;)
Unlike most believe,brunette women are no different than any other hair color.
by snjkldgdfghdfjkhdfjknvkdb May 02, 2008
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