a peron with dark hair, not an insecure, horny, trashy, dull, or annoying freak. brunnettes are JUST people with dark hair thats it! brunettes think they're better than blondes and blondes think brunettes are insecure and annoying because they think they're better than blondes! when they're both wrong! brunettes arent insecure and annoying while blondes aren't better than brunettes. just get over yoursleves!! GAH!!!
guy 1: look at that blonde over there
guy 2: what about her
guy 1: she's hot cause she's a blonde!
guy 2: what difference does it make its just hair!

guy 1:look at that brunette over there
guy 2:what about her
guy 1:shes hot cause she's a brunette!
guy 2:what difference does it make it's just hair!
by just another secure brunette January 30, 2007
A woman with brown hair. Commonly mistaken to be more intelligent than a blonde, but uglier. Hair does not define personality or IQ. Blondes can be beautiful and intelligent (like Naomi Watts, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson), and so can brunettes (Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Aishwarya Rai). Either way, it's a haircolor.

Oh, and no offense to the authors of the other definitions, but some of them seem very insecure, saying "Brunettes have more fun" and "Blondes suck". Same for the idiots who trash brunettes. Don't say crap like, "Guys prefer blondes", because many prefer brunettes, or redheads.

Either way, let's grow up people. Quit being shallow.
Idiot: Hey, that chick is a brunette! It must mean she's really smart!
Smart person: Actually, she's kind of dizty and rude. Haircolor doesn't define someone's personality or IQ.
by the.marionette November 06, 2007
A female with brown hair
1. supposedly clever not true in all cases as i am thick yet a brunette.
2. each hair colour has hot people not look at angelina jolie HOT BRUNETTE
me: mmmm angelina jolie
dumbass: whose she
me: that sexy brunette from tomb raider
by ali-pop September 08, 2005
Refering to a woman with dark brown or black hair, darker eyes, and usually dark complexion. Some people commonly label everyone with any shade of brown hair as "brunette", even though lighter shades of brown hair are anthropogically considered "blond(e)".
Many Spanish women are brunettes. Sarah is a brunette, she has dark hair.
by JMC3 May 15, 2006
A person with a dark shade of hair color. Contrary to what some dumb people say being brunette does not make you dull; it's quite the opposite as blonde genereally gets to be bland and there is a plethora of gorgeous dark haired women (and men) in this world. Also, some blondes say that brunettes are close minded but that just reveals that individual's closemindedness for labeling a person because of their hair color not to mention it shows their stupidity; it also shows their hypocracy because they say brunettes are jealous yet they seem pretty jealous of brunettes themselves judging from how defensive they also get.
person 1:Those neo-nazis seem like they want to rid this world of brunettes, don't they suck?

person 2: Yeah, what idiots... not to mention that some people are ignorant enough to think all guys actually prefer blondes. It depends on the guy but it's a well known fact many guys actually do prefer brunettes.It's funny how hard it's for some people to accept. To me that shows some kind of resentment or envy from their part. I know so many guys who think the most beautiful girls are brunettes.I mean in a particular case if we're going to be superficial what idiot would choose an ugly or average blonde over a beautiful brunette just because the girl is blonde? And what dumbass can't comprehend that a girl can have dark colored hair and still be amazingly gorgeous? OMG people are so stupid!
by aridoll October 02, 2006
A brunette is a girl with brown hair. That is all that a brunette is, they are not necessarily smarter or prettier than blondes or redheads neither are they necessarily less clever or pretty than girls with different coloured hair. It's just genes or coincidence and learning is what makes you smarter. No Duh!
Bob: I'm going out with a blonde
Bill: I'm going out with a redhead
Ben: I'm going out with a brunette
Bob: Haha blondes are prettier than brunettes
Bill: Sure they are
Ben: Whatever, blondes are stupid!
Bill: What the hell are you on about it makes no difference
Leela: What's going on here?
Ben: Blondes are stupid aren't they?
Leela: No, I'm blonde and top of all my classes
Bill: See...
Bob: Yeah but brunettes are prettier
Leela: No Have you not seen some brunettes compared to blondes/ redheads/ girls with black hair?
by leela May 19, 2007
better than blondes... smarter and nicer, too. All blondes do is walk around saying, "like, omigod, I'm so totally cool!" When they're really not. I'm a Brunette and I happen to be smart and proud of my hair. and just because you're a blonde DOES NOT mean you have more fun.
look at that dumb blonde... brunettes have WAY more fun!!!
by SLK May 23, 2004
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