Burgers and bowls consumed/smoked around 11 a.m., typically after a long night of drinking. Widely regarded as a potent hangover remedy.
"Hey man, my head's killin' me. Let's smoke a bowl and get some brunchies."
by CultmemberSam August 26, 2008
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A word for how good the brunch options are in a city.
Portland is way more brunchy than Seattle.
by WiggumX May 12, 2011
A word used to describe a restaurant in terms of being better for brunch versus other meals.
Los Angeles restaurants become very brunchy on weekends.

Let's go to a brunchy restaurant on Saturday!
Hmmm...let's not go there for dinner. That restaurant is too brunchy - not fancy enough for our group.
by wordie88 April 16, 2013
Anglo-EEAAA-IAN Noun, derived from frenchy, brunch and paddington bear meaning 'to be frenchy'.
'brunchy ennit'
by Lloyd January 21, 2004

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