When a girl kneels on a couch or bed or something of the sort, and hangs her ass over the edge. You, the one who is runching, sit with your back to the bedframe or couch and your ass on the floor, and proceed to serve up some cunnilingus from below.

Lots of fun, and a little easier than when they just sit on your face. Plus, this way she can totally control the level of pressure you put on her clit and gives you lots of access to everything underneath. A little tasty treat.
"Pardon me while I go to brunch with your mom... and I don't mean at a restaurant."
by Zenhachirou March 28, 2005
Top Definition
the act of eating lunch and breakfast at the same time and it's deliciousssssss. Best when served with mimosas, bloodies, and a round of laughter with friends.
Let's go brunching Sunday I'm going to be soooo hungover!!!
by dimvaloo May 25, 2016
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