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When you stick your face in between a chicks breasts and shack your face back and forth while making a "bbbbbrrrrr" sound.
Man that chicks got some big tits...I would love to brumski her.
by Kevin April 15, 2003
The exclaimation said before reaching out, grabbing and squeezing a man's testicals. He can prevent said attack by exclaiming, "No Brumski."
Even though Keith is a heterosexual, it hurt when he said, "brumski" and grabbed my boys!
by jewy josh October 03, 2006
The act of one sticking their face in between two female breasts and rubbing their face back and forth and saying bruuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmski!
John: How was the date last night?

Dan: Decent, I gave her a brumski.
by Big Mumble September 13, 2005
Birmingham based skiing fools who make a habit of leaving people in Scottish Cities.
Brumski have left half their team in Edinburgh again.
by warwick wanker November 20, 2003
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