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Parody of the word "blue" with a Japanese (or Asian) accent, replacing "L"s for "R"s.

Used largely by nerdy white kids when making fun of Asian friends.

The only way to beat the spoken color puzzle in "Brain Age" for the Nintendo DS.
White kid One "What color is the sky?"
White Kid Two "BRUE!!!"
by Billy of [MV] June 05, 2007
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when the blue water in the toilet from the toilet puck mixes with brown poo. BRUE
man, that water turned a pretty brue!
by frank aramini November 10, 2006
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A midget who is angry at the world because even though his penis is in proportion with his body, it is smaller than an average midget penis. In other words, a midgets, midget penis.
I heard that Evan has a brue in the pants. Pour guy, probably will never find love
by FUEvan October 18, 2011
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