Back Road Trip. Smoking and or drinking usually on the backroads.
Damn homie, that BRT we went on yesterday got me blowed.

Lets roll a blizzy and go on a BRT

BRT = Driving Around Smoking
by Matty Cass November 11, 2007
Big Round Thing. B.R.T is used when you dont know what your talking about and try to wing it
Why are you sitting on your ass?

Sir! oil is leaking from the B.R.T. we are waiting for the engineer.

Carry on.
by Yomomma43434533fd May 23, 2007
A BRT is a tour in a vehicle out on dirt roads most times to get drunk. Back,Road,Tour
hay jimmy want to go on a brt up over the mountian
by capelife September 05, 2011
Below Room Temperature
A: Oh my gosh. This room is a freaking arctic tundra.

B: It's only 5 degrees BRT.

A: I'm from Texas.

B: Oh.
by Snapcrackles June 07, 2009
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