the act of receiving or giving butt sex, anal, getting down in the brown, or playing in the mud. people who frequent these acts earn what is called frequent flyer miles, this pertains to anyone who has done the dirty in the dirty more than once.
Guy: "hey babe can we get our brown wings on tonight?"

Girlfriend: "dang boy keep it up you will have enough frequent flyer miles you can get one for free."
by Juden J April 19, 2011
Term for anal Sex.
Generally speaking it involves any form of anal penetration with the penis.
One can either be the Pilot (giver) or the plane (reciever)

Generally speaking, being the "plane" is a derocitory term used in adolensant hetrosexual males

Use of Brown wings is more commanly reserved to males
Person1: Hey buddy, I just got my brown wings

Person2: Yeah, but you were the plane!

Person1: No way, pilot all the way, and with a chick!
by The Truth (Partial) June 13, 2008
The act of performing oral sex on a dirty, unwiped anus.
Guy #1 "Is that shit on your face?"
Guy #2 "Yeah, I just earned my brown wings from that skank on the corner!"
by odody March 02, 2008
Brown wings, like Red Wings are biker terms for oral sex of the feces filled anus or menstruating vagina. You must earn your wings.
I earned my red wings and brown wings form the same chick on the same night.
by Estaben Reyes January 09, 2006
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