Origin: results when waking up in the middle of the night to eat out your girlfriend or significant other's private anal area; only to find they had passed wet gas leaving the person performing oral service covered with brown debris.

Verb: means having a bad day, fucked over, or being treated badly
Also: Brown nosed, brown noseying
Having a bad day:

How was your day bro?

Fuck dude, I got brown nosed the entired day. My boss kept being a cunt to me all day. Yelling at me and asking me to do tons of useless bullshit work.

Getting fucked over:

Dude, you just got another 4 hours of work at 10 pm on Friday, and you've been here since 6 am. You got brown nosed, ha ha

Bro, I drank a lot last night. I'm fucking brown nosed today.

Getting screwed:

If two bros work together for the same boss:

Bro, I work less than you, leave earlier every day and I got a phat raise. You got brown nosed--no raise and you work twice as hard as me. Fuck YEAH!!!

After partying too hard:

Bro, we smoked pot all night, drank five handles of crown and did 3 grams of coke, I'm fuckn brown nosed today

Fucked over:

Dude, I'm gonna brown nose that bitch. She's been lying and cheating on me. I'm gonna key her fucking car, bust a nut in her milk, put pubes in her food in the fridge; and dip her tooth brush in the toilet. That cunt is never gonna know.
by Mike999 August 05, 2009
Top Definition
1) Someone who sucks up to you to gain your favor. This is done by doing stuff for you for no apparent reason, laughing at stuff you do that wasn't suppose to be funny, agreeing with everything you say, etc...

2)Also known as the TEACHER'S PET or ASS KISSER.
Eating pussy is like dealing with the mafia: One wrong move and your in deep shit!
by Joshiro007 February 24, 2003
A brown nose is a Sycophantic person who has their head so far up somebodys ass that they have a brown nose, hense the name.
"hey stop bringin' the teacher apples every day y' brown nose!!"
by Andy S. All September 14, 2005
Someone who 'suck up'. He is a person of low or irrelevant technical standing wishing to distinguish himself by his presence and input at meetings for which he has a minimal or no understanding. Complimenting and Agreeing with senior staff and their poorly thought-out plans is the typical implementation of this position. The position is typically advertised under a job-pseudonym.
Look how Brown Nose sucks up to The Man in Beige! He makes me sick!
by pipistrone October 27, 2004
1. To try too hard to impress someone (often your manager at work). To be an ass kisser.

She is the biggest Brown Nose in the company!
by C.J. Byrne April 17, 2008
To suck up, charm, flatter and kiss butt by bodily or vocal charm.
George brownnosed his way to the top instead of getting there legitimately like everyone else.
by xAv1eR0o1 October 24, 2005
to suck up or kiss ass. the term BROWN nose is because your nose is up there ass as you're kissing it, if that makes any sense.
John is a total brownnoser because he is always sucking up to the teacher.

John likes to brown nose in english class, because he needs a b etter grade and won't just do the work.
by awink February 27, 2006
To seek favour by sniffing the bumhole of a superior; hence "Brown-Noser".
"Blair brown-noses Bush like a good poodle, hoping to get a profitable lecture tour on retirement." (Prince Charles in a confidential memo to his secretary, 1998)
by Edna Sweetlove September 24, 2006

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