1. To suck up or be very nice to your boss or teacher to earn special treatment.

2. To pull down your pants and shove someone's nose into your anal cavity, leaving the tip covered in shit. (Should be done after taking a poop. Not wiping also produces better results.)
1. "Dammit! Johnson wouldn't have gotten that raise if he wasn't such a brown nose."

2. "Ha, Tim was such an asshole yesterday that today on the bus, I gave him a brown nose."
by Pepé March 20, 2005
A kiss ass who sucks up to a person in authority to rise through the ranks faster then his peers and his boss
Tovakinpi Toshikhan is such a brown nose.
by A loyal Hapan April 11, 2008
The act in which one inserts there nose up another's anus in order to gain there approval, thus resulting in a brown complexion on the tip of their nose. The use of 'brown nose' is generally metaphorical however can also adopt a literal meaning.
'dude, youre such a brown nose'
'i know man, i just want his approval'
by joshco95 November 12, 2013
The brown-nose or act of brown-nosing is also when a person removes their pants and underwear and climbs over a sleeping person so that their asshole is approximately 3 inches away from the sleeping person's face. The person performing the act punches the sleeping person in the stomach as hard as possible to wake them up. In theory, the sudden shock of being woken by the punch will cause the sleeper's head to come up and forward, thrusting their nose into the other's ass.

For added 'flavor', the person initiating the act may choose not to wipe after their last bowel movement at which point the act of ''brown-nosing'' can be referred to as the Mexican alarm clock or Sanchez's wakeup call.
1.) Hey lets brown-nose tony

2.) Last night we woke Ryan up with a Mexican Alarm Clock, he was none too pleased!

3.) When Sanchez calls, you have no choice but to answer!
by Thoughtstipated November 11, 2006
some on who is trying to suck up to some one of a higher potision, it is also called bum or ass licking (not to be confused with rimming) and is used to achevie a promotion or high grades
brown nose examples
The animal liberation frount to peta
the teachers pet
by Skwiff December 11, 2010
when eating out a girl your nose accidentally penetrates the girl's sphincter or clitoris
yesterday was the first time I went to third base and I'm afraid I brown nosed my girlfriend
by hotjohnny69lol October 23, 2011
v. or n.
To lower one's naked, possibly unwiped anus onto an unsuspecting, supine, sleeping victim's face and then waking them up to an eyeful of butt
At the sleepover last night, Ben gave Bruce a brown nose while he was asleep
by Dr. Zhivago January 25, 2006

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