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Someone who 'suck up'. He is a person of low or irrelevant technical standing wishing to distinguish himself by his presence and input at meetings for which he has a minimal or no understanding. Complimenting and Agreeing with senior staff and their poorly thought-out plans is the typical implementation of this position. The position is typically advertised under a job-pseudonym.
Look how Brown Nose sucks up to The Man in Beige! He makes me sick!
by pipistrone October 27, 2004
it stands for Vinnie Farina Quintet, one of the best rock band in Italy. They played the role of Mangoni of Elio e le Storie Tese during AltaQuota band exibitions even if they created the phenomenon of Super Vinne well before Super Giovane of Elio.
AKA Les Vinettes
On stage tonight at the California Inn AltaQuota and special guests the marvelous VFQ
by pipistrone October 28, 2004
italian geezer, at the moment in da uk
friend of Brown Nose and The Man in Beige
Look at there! NreQ, Brown Nose and The Man in Beige! Lets run away!
by pipistrone October 20, 2004
French tall guy who wears a light brown suit when he is supposed to wear in dark as requested by the invitation card ("E' gradito l'abito scuro").
Hey man, look at Leo Whites, what a ugly tie! He's like The Man in Beige! What a moron!
by pipistrone October 27, 2004

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