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the act of having someone suck their shit off your penis after having anal sex with them. (you don't have to cum)
'She puked after she gave me a brown banana because she had so much shit in her mouth, so i slapped the bitch'

'Dude, she totally gave me a brown banana! oh man i feel bad for that bitch!'

'That hoe sucked her own anal drippings off of my cock last night, she truly knows how to give a brown banana'
by Cullin December 17, 2007
when a woman deep throats a mans crooked penis after receiving anal and the mans penis is covered in shit
"Dude I was so pissed when I gave Liz Rav anal last night!"
"What did you do about it man?"
"I forced her to give me a brown banana to clean it off!"
by Smachary January 29, 2008
1. Defecating inside a carefully spliced banana peel and resealing, leaving a suprise ripe for the picking.

2. When one carefully opens a banana peel and removes the lower 2/3rds of the fruit only to replace the bottom 2/3rds with feces after which he or she inconspicuously reseals the peel for eating.
My broke-ass friend ate all my groceries the last time he was over. This time I booby trapped him with a brown banana.
by rohdstar January 04, 2010
When your dick is all brown with shit after fucking a woman up the butthole
Marvin: hey did u hear that floyd got a brown banana from susana
chester: oh dude!! eww!!! he put his twinky in her...her....oh good god that is fucking gross
Marvin:yeah isnt that gross...flyod is such a dumbass, he got the wrong hole!
by The dirty janitor March 10, 2005
An Asian person who tries to act like a black person. There everywhere in Bellevue, Washington. They try to act cool, but just look lame.
Look at that brown banana, he acts black because of his small-penis insecurity, because we all know Asians have small dicks and blacks have huge cocks.
by LaShawana Jones April 18, 2003

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