a girl who likes to take it up the ass, then suck the guys dick after he pulls out and she twirls it and slaps it in her face.
Boyfriend: Yo man, guess what happened last nite?
Friend: No way man, you boink her?
Boyfriend: No..better...gave her a brown ballerina.
Friend: Dude...
by LuvinDaLadieZ February 21, 2013
Top Definition
When wiping ones arse after a particularly sloppy turd
your finger pushes through the paper and into your mess
resulting in what looks like a brown ballerina
"bloody hell cherie, we gotta stop buying this cheap
toilet paper! this is my second brown ballerina today!"
by woms April 30, 2007
When you are wiping your ass and your finger goes through the toilet paper, giving the appearance of a brown ballerina (the paper being the tutu)!
"I was wiping my ass yesterday and got a brown ballerina."
by m!lky August 09, 2008
On the hopefully rare occasion you attempt to wipe away the remains of a particularly capacious poo and accidentally push a finger through the paper, after the required degree of swearing, you may look down to access the damage and be greeted by what is called a Brown Ballerina. This is the name given to the appearance of your now brown finger wearing what appears to be a lovely brow tutu. Not nice...but hopefully from now on...a touch more funny
After a night on the Guinness and a curry I went to the bog this morning and ended up with a right Brown Ballerina!
by Dave Petherbridge June 19, 2008
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