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When wiping ones arse after a particularly sloppy turd
your finger pushes through the paper and into your mess
resulting in what looks like a brown ballerina
"bloody hell cherie, we gotta stop buying this cheap
toilet paper! this is my second brown ballerina today!"
by woms April 30, 2007
48 6
When you are wiping your ass and your finger goes through the toilet paper, giving the appearance of a brown ballerina (the paper being the tutu)!
"I was wiping my ass yesterday and got a brown ballerina."
by m!lky August 09, 2008
9 2
On the hopefully rare occasion you attempt to wipe away the remains of a particularly capacious poo and accidentally push a finger through the paper, after the required degree of swearing, you may look down to access the damage and be greeted by what is called a Brown Ballerina. This is the name given to the appearance of your now brown finger wearing what appears to be a lovely brow tutu. Not nice...but hopefully from now on...a touch more funny
After a night on the Guinness and a curry I went to the bog this morning and ended up with a right Brown Ballerina!
by Dave Petherbridge June 19, 2008
4 5
a girl who likes to take it up the ass, then suck the guys dick after he pulls out and she twirls it and slaps it in her face.
Boyfriend: Yo man, guess what happened last nite?
Friend: No way man, you boink her?
Boyfriend: No..better...gave her a brown ballerina.
Friend: Dude...
by LuvinDaLadieZ February 21, 2013
2 5