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Rendered grotesque by virtue of characteristic bro'ness; bro'ed to the maximum.
That HB truck is freaking brotesque!
by thiudans November 21, 2006
Grossly resembling a dude/bro/guy; applied to unattractive women

also used to refer to so cal brohoes in extreme situations where women try way too hard to be part of the guys and are just used for sexual purposes
scenario 1

guy 1: hey check out this pic of lady gaga

guy 2: christ that bitch is brotesque
by LordCarlo November 06, 2009
Anything related to the actions, music, or bad choice of clothing/hair of bro's
metal bob: whoa! look at those guys, theyre all dressed the same.

metal dave: that is so fucking brotesque! fucking bro-bots
by Cody Spagrud May 10, 2007
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