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Play on the word poser, describes a girl who tries way too hard to appear bro-like with the hope of impressing guys. A broser can be found at the beer pong table, wearing some guy's snapback, shotgunning beers, & taking many pictures captioned "my boys".
*Girl walks into a party wearing a Bass Pro Shops hat, yelling about how long she can do a keg stand, and trying to join an all guys game of flip cup*

"Step off, you're such a broser"
by jadjey November 09, 2012
People who are incapable of ever being bronies but try anyway. These people are hated. they usually do not watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, they just read fan-fics, edits, and little clips. Sometimes people are called brosers for being ashamed of being a brony, but it is not the correct use.
Brony 1: Look at that broser!
Brony 2: *facepalm* Such a disgrace.
Broser/Brony: Guys, I'm not a broser just because I'm ashamed I like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic!
by ositapink01 @ youtube November 14, 2011
Someone who is posing as a bro. Most brosers are people who are incapable of ever being bros. Perhaps they are too nerdy or intelligent, socially awkward, or just don't have the right amount of starch in their collars.
Tom: Did you just see Jave Kelly?

Neil: That's not Jave, that's Nate and he's a broser.
by Alexander Moore October 08, 2007
1. Any black male, teenage, or adult (predominantly inner city). Who started skateboarding only because of Lil Wayne.

2. Black males who only skateboard because it is popular at the moment and have no real ability, because for him its all about the look. Not to be confused with black males who actually try to hone their skills.

3. Any black male continuously walking with or has a skateboard strapped to his backpack, but never actually uses it.
1. Bro 1..."Whats up homeboy"

Bro 2..."I'm gravy playa"

Bro 1..."How long have you been skating?"

Bro 2..."Bouta year and a half"

Bro 1..."Show me a ollie"

Bro 2..."Wuts a ollie?"

Bro 1..."Fuckin' Bro'ser!!"

2. Dude 1..."Why is that guy holding his skateboard hollerin' at that chic over there?"

Dude 2..."Because he's a lame ass bro'ser who thinks he looks cool n shit, but he actually looks dumb as fuck"

Dude 1..."Oh yeah...your right lol"

3. OMG!, again with the walking and the carrying of the skateboard...when does this bro'ser actually skate??
by R. L. Strong "RaRa LyLo" July 12, 2013
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