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a hair catastrophe characterized by dying one's hair red and then hitting up the beach yo.
Ms Senesizzle: Katie I love your hair. What color is it?
Ksizzle: It's brorange yo.
by ruckus? at the dancehall October 19, 2006
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The color of a girls face when she uses too much fake tan/uses the recommended amount, and it just doesn't work.
Resulting in a semi-brown, but mostly orange, face.
"Hey Brit, that girl is so frikkin hot, she's so hot she's making me sexist"
"Nah, she's hella brorange. Gross"
by Jinola January 29, 2010
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Not quite brown, nor orange ginger, but a blend - a colour name coined after JLO decided it was acceptable to use the term 'Bronde' The meeting of brown and blonde as part of a very public, and serious L'Oréal campaign.
You look like a fucking viking with that Beard. So Brorange.
by Bro-range. May 14, 2015
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