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Someone with extremely dry, nappy hair, that looks like a broom from behind.
Dude, that chick totally has a broom head!
by leaisugly August 27, 2009
A dumb person. Insult found only on the TV show Degrassi Junior High.
Shut up Wheels, you broomhead!
by Giselle Gardonyi March 16, 2004
A "wizard swear" found in the "wizard swears" episode of Potter Puppet Pals, a Harry Potter parody by Neil Cicierga.
Harry: Aww, man! I spilled my potion all over the floor.

Ron: You're such a broomhead!
by Lenarrr November 26, 2009
A fucking cunt who hypes everything and can't keep saliva and food particles in his mouth
yes boys cant wait to get pissed tonight and ring a taxi and eat kebabs. and then spray the kebab everywhere geezer (followed by rubbing of hands together) said broomhead
by a dubzzzz March 04, 2009