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A dumb person. Insult found only on the TV show Degrassi Junior High.
Shut up Wheels, you broomhead!
by Giselle Gardonyi March 16, 2004
Someone with extremely dry, nappy hair, that looks like a broom from behind.
Dude, that chick totally has a broom head!
by leaisugly August 27, 2009
A "wizard swear" found in the "wizard swears" episode of Potter Puppet Pals, a Harry Potter parody by Neil Cicierga.
Harry: Aww, man! I spilled my potion all over the floor.

Ron: You're such a broomhead!
by Lenarrr November 26, 2009
A fucking cunt who hypes everything and can't keep saliva and food particles in his mouth
yes boys cant wait to get pissed tonight and ring a taxi and eat kebabs. and then spray the kebab everywhere geezer (followed by rubbing of hands together) said broomhead
by a dubzzzz March 04, 2009