shit, also;
the act of killing someone and burying them under the patio.
we should so brookside him
by Lady D November 14, 2003
Top Definition
a subcommunity in stockton, ca where anyone with class and/or money lives. consists primarily of whites and east asians. gated off from the rest of this hip-hop culture polluted shithole we call our hometown
"wow, i just saw a bmw... we must be in BROOKSIDE"

"wow i just saw a UC school bumper sticker! Oh, we're in brookside"

"where'd all the black people and cholos go? oh, we're in brookside"

"that person just completed a sentence without saying "um" "tight" "nawmean?" or "*racial epithet*".. ah, we're in brookside"
by fred siegel July 11, 2006
Woods in North Merrick where kids will go to get fucked up when theres nothing to do. Crossing the creeks a pain in the ass though
Kid1: Yoo theres nothing to do tonight in this shithole town

Kid2: Well lets just get fucked up at Brookside (Bside) then

Kid1: Alright down
by SmellySnatch January 16, 2011
The most dangerous place to live in Britain.
Eeer that patio looks like it needs takin up!
by hellboy October 20, 2004
A gated community in Stockton where you will find whites, east asians and asian indians. No peckerwoods, blacks, southeast Asians and Latinos.
Whenever I go to Brookside, I sadly don't ever see blacks, southeast Asians, Hispanics and whites. Something isn't right. Racial segregation is wrong. Think of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He wanted everyone and everyrace to be as one in harmony.
by BrotherManOtherMan June 08, 2007
a brand of Kenyan Milk
I told you you should have gotten Brookside instead of KCC.......
by lady D April 25, 2005
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