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A sum of money "lent" to a close friend in which said friend obviously has no intention of repaying, or the implied mutual consent of the debt never being repaid.
Michael: "Dude can you spot me on this monster, i left my mom's debit card at home."

Brian: "It's not like i didn't already give you a bronation to pay off the mortgage on your parent's house anyways, i guess a few bucks wouldn't hurt." *irritated grunt*

Michael: ^_^
by 3ndEr_IIV October 16, 2009
usually a group of male, meat head, douche bag types. can be recognized by side ways baseball with bills that have been rolled upward, board shorts, and lack of shirt. most times bro-nationers are involved heavily in wakeboarding and snow boarding. they can always be identified by the overuse of the word "Bro, or dude."
"hey did you see bro-nation outfront bragging about who hasnt worn a shirt the longest?"
by whodoyoudo September 30, 2009
Usually a group of frolfing, Qdoba-loving, bro types. Can be recognized by their various 'Murica apparel (such as women's tank-tops or swim trunks) and lack of any shirt when the sun is out. Most times bro-nationers are involved heavily in frolfing and hanging out in either the bathrooms of Judson or the Bro-Box of Hickory. They can always be identified by the overuse of the words "babe" and "literally"
Bro-nation continues on in spirit despite physical separation. Whenever two or more bros come together, bro-nation is re-united.
by The American Dream! August 20, 2011
Describes a type of individual who if he had a superpower it would be to jump over pebbles while doing a thumbs-up! Bronation can also pull off some kick ass chicken dance moves. He can also toast a marshmallow to perfection. Befriend bronation and all your dreams will come true.
Dude, is that bronation?
by cgflower81 October 07, 2009
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