A combination hybrid between the shortened version of brother (bro) and the end of the shortened version of homeboy a.k.a. homie (mie). Signifies a homeboy unlike most others, a friend as close to you as a brother or blood relative.
What's up bromie! We gonna tear them clubs up tonight!!!
by Little Pinch March 24, 2010
Top Definition
it's an amalgam of the words brother (or bro) and homie.
Ay yo, watch me spit game at this dime piece bromie.
by J-Lite July 29, 2005
A guy friend who surpasses best friend. A bro who is known for 10+ years. Practically brothers, you can even go to each others family and no one will turn a head.
James: Dude i love going to your family reunions, except for when your ugly cousin Gertrude hits on me. Thank god we're bromies so i could make the excuse that we're like family.

Austin: I know right, same with with your ugly sister Tyler.

James: I'll drink to that dawg.

Austin: True...True! To bromies!
by Bromie-o August 27, 2009
A combination of two words, Bro and Homie. Used when addressing a person.
"Hey Pat". "Yo what's good Bromie"?
by Max Shroder December 14, 2008
When a guy has a really good friend that is more than a bro and a homie
You can be my wing man any time bromie.
by creature magee November 29, 2010
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