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(pronounced broha) a best friend that has gone through or helped you through the hardest moments in life and been a part of all the hilariously good times full of inside jokes and sore diaphragms from laughing so hard. A girl or boy who is one of your top friends because you trust them due to past experiences. resembles that of a wingman
Hey do you know Jai and Evan?
for sures, they are my brojas.
by andrew, jai, evan February 02, 2009
one who is of chilean decent and acts like a bro
Come on man you're being a total brojas.
by TheChillinChalupa October 10, 2010
A slang term for cocaine. Pronounced "bro-haas"
I did so much brojas last night my nose fell off.
by Xenastarr656 June 12, 2006