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A company of brothers, whose bravery and goodwill rival that of the cavalry of the Rohirrim. To be summoned whenever bros need to be gathered up.
"Oh no, Sam is in trouble. Summon the brohirrim!"
by meng_m September 21, 2007
Bros who are way into Lord of the Rings.
"Taylor is such a brohirrim, you can't even quote the movies without him correcting you"
by sebastian crucial December 12, 2006
A gaggle of dude-bros and/or white-hats.
"Oh no, here comes the Brohirrim. There's rapings afoot!"
by ChastyMahone March 05, 2010
A posse of bros.
Bro 1: "Bro, what happened to you last night? You disappeared at the bar, the Brohirrim was looking all over for you!"
Bro 2: "Sorry bro, I was balls deep in that grenade I jumped on."
Bro 1: "Ah snap Brospehus!"
by Dr. Language May 05, 2011

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