A hairstyle used by a Bro to indicate how incredibley awesome and truly bro-ish they are! Kind of like a fo hawk but obviously, much cooler! A bro hawk is typically dyed at least two colors, if not more. . . You faggots better hope to Tom (the creator of myspace) that you can pull one off. I hear they get lots of ladies. . .
BROdy: "dude! I'm gonna get so much pussy with my new haircut!"
Chadsters: "I know, broski! If they don't put out tonight... EFFIN SKANKS!"
BROdy: "Do you like the way my personal stylist dyed the tips of my black hair, blonde?"
Chadsters: "yeah, bro! It hella brings out your eye color! Hey! Wanna go to a sweet drinking party!?!"
BROdy: "I'm not sure, bra, is there gonna be hoes there?"
Chadsters: "Yeah man, and we'll listen to A Day To Remember on the way!"
BROdy: "are you driving, bro?"
Chadsters: "Totally! But I have to stop at my stylists to get your same haircut first!"
BROdy: "I'm totally game man! That'd be chill!"
Chadsters: "alright! To the Nissan Frontier, with a three inch lift, it is!"
BROdy: "hella!"

by Cumm July 26, 2009
Top Definition
A wide, short-haired mohawk sported by bro and yeah-guy. They look stupid and gives mohawks a bad name. Some times hard to see underneath their Famous Stars And Straps hats and bandanas.
"That brohawk looks retarded; like a strip of shit on his head."
by davethelightguy June 04, 2007
a hairstyle worn by a bro with a narrow center strip of spiked-up, overly-gel'd hair and the sides and back in a typical fade.
Chad: My bro hawk looks sweet when I'm rockin' my new dirtbike in Glamis.

Brittany: That's chill. Got any weed?
by MotherShip April 20, 2008
The hairstyle that occurs when a group of two or more bros get really chill, matching feaux-hawks.
"Dude, look at those guys' brohawks."
"Fucking douches."
by brosemmer January 02, 2010
The indistinguishable touchy feely douchebag that backs the credo "hoes before bros", brohawks indelibly flock to women and will throw a brother "under the bus" in pursuit of their approval.
"Joey just ditched us to hang out with Sue-Ellen, What a brohawk"
by BLEVY23 November 29, 2009
The replica of when a female shaves her Pubic hair into a "landind strip" or mohawk, but for a guy.
Yo, i dont know but it think this bro hawk makes my twilley look bigger. And the ladies love it.
by CamTheCultured March 31, 2010
A fellow male Seahawks fan. Another 12th man is your brohawk.
I was sporting my Richard Sherman jersey today when I saw the guy standing in line next to me was wearing a Seahawks hat, so I immediately knew he was my brohawk.
by goatlake September 01, 2013
Two guys united by their love of the Seahawks. Two 12th men are brohawks.
I was sporting my Richard Sherman jersey today when I saw the guy standing in line next to me was wearing a Seahawks hat, which immediately made us Brohawks.
by goatlake September 01, 2013

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