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A hairstyle worn by young women in which a small bun is made with the top half of hair, directly on the top of the head and the lower half is left down, usually curled.
Girl: "OMG, I love your hair!"
Girl 2: "Thanks, it's my broham."
by SuperMother May 13, 2011
24 44
"dam look at that dude.... he's bro-in out tufff".

"ya he's broHAMin"
by jdoobie October 06, 2011
27 62
A term of false endearment used between a 'cool' guy to a less 'cool' guy to coerce him to do a menial task for him such as vacuuming, moving a car, triple homicide et al, in the pretense that the cool guy may be the less cool guy's friend as a result of the completed task.
Say broham, how's about you head down to the city dump to get rid of this rolled up carpet in my trunk... I'll stay here and cool some beers.
by Metmateyouwhat July 19, 2009
80 128
your friends (or bros) at Fordham University
"Hey Broham, meet me at McGinley?"
by Nagon October 10, 2009
17 79
A term used by southern california surfers to identify close friends...often used as a term of endearment as you never call an enemy a "broham"...
Hey broham...Nice aerial off that wicked set!
by Jonny 78 July 12, 2005
143 212
word that people from "da hood" use in replace of Brougham, a type of cady
Dang, man, you see dat broham? Dat ting be tight
by onewithone July 01, 2005
29 112
Former producer Mike Stephen of the Nick Digilio show on WGN radio in Chicago.
"Now, about that name “Broham”. The short story is that Nick went to grade school with a big bully who called everyone “broham”. Years later, they ran into one another on the Ravenswood el. The bully was standing on the platform yelling, “Open the door, Broham!” Nick saw the bully and the bully saw Nick. They hugged on the el. I’m serious.

I’m no bully, but since the Sunday night show is the evening “zoo”, I was in need of a nickname and was jealous of The Count's. Hence, I was bestowed the title of Broham." -Mike Stephen
by wanttobeakennidy December 16, 2006
84 178