To engage in sexual activity with either current or ex boyfriends brother.
Dude that girl Lacey's a Bro fo and I heard she's also a screen peeper.
by DATNIGGADARIUS April 01, 2010
Top Definition
Derived from the term brother fucker; one who has sex with her biological brother. Often regarded as myth, there are documented cases, particularly common in Louisiana. The cause of this behavior may be linked to such deep-rooted narcissism that one only sexually desires their perceived genetic equal.
Barista: Liz Landry, the manager, yeah she's a brofo.
Customer: She fucks her own brother?!
Barista: Yeah.
Customer: You mean, like her step-brother, right?
Barista: No. Her brother.
Customer: The balding douche that just dropped her off flowers?
Barista: Who, Jason? Yeah. They share a pillow.
by we all knew September 24, 2007
Two male friends that screw each others mothers. Shortened of Brotherfathers.
"You guys really do each other's mom a lot. Are you neighbours or something?"

"They're brofos."
by foryth December 10, 2012
a bro who is a fo, mofo
wassup brofo!! yeah shits going down gee
by S.E.A.N January 06, 2007
Like a mofo, but with a brother!
Nicole is such a brofo!
by Emmmmmm March 05, 2004
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