When you do something so annoying or stupid, That it is just an instant face palm to the people that saw it.
What you did was so Brody I can't even comprehend...
by The_Fallen_Gamers September 24, 2014
Brody is really hot guy who you can fall in love with easily and uncontrolably. He has the greatest blue eyes in the world and is really strong and protective. He is really popular, but is really nice to everyone. He makes people laugh and makes their day. He is the greatest boyfriend in the world and really cares about his girlfriend. He is not a player because he doesnt believe on cheating. Brody has nice lucious brown-blonde hair that really fits him. HE IS HOT... PERIOD....
by Girlwhoisgreat September 28, 2013
A Coon Hulk Hogan looking whale loving mother fucker
This guy is such a brody
by Coon Owner April 01, 2016
some one who watches fury porn and jerks off
brody watches furyporn when paul and tina are out
by whatsittoya53873626 January 25, 2015
An all friendly person, easy to talk to, but when it comes to relationships they're loving. Be careful what you say because they're full of surprises. If you say the wrong thing run for the hills
That boy was acting like such a Brody asking her out like that
by Randomname. October 03, 2014
The sweetest, most adorable and hot guy you'll meet. Is so loving and is very athletic. Loves biking rugby and lacrosse.. You fall in love with him easily but he could break your heart any minute. He has nice brown/hazel eyes and his smile can make your day. If youre dating a brody you are one of the luckiest girls.
Person 1: see that pretty girl crying who got dumped for no reason?

Person 2: yea
Person 1: what a Brody move
by Ass17 December 17, 2013
Amazing boyfriend. <3 he's perfect for me, even though he doesn't think the same way. He's caring, sweet, kind, loving, trustworthy, my bestfriend, and sooo many other things that could describe him. Someone with amazing blue eyes that you could get lost in, fall completely head over heels for him, just an amazing boyfriend. :
Brodys are the perfect boyfriend.
by hi.[: March 28, 2012
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