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brocking, what people do to drum and bass music.
ie compare with 'stomping' and hardcore (rave) music.

it is not a style of dancing.
the ravers were brocking to the sounds of Andy C.
by junglist a. April 14, 2006
The act of being so high, that you have eyes that match brock from pokemon.
I'm so brocking out right now.
by ShanaShamwow June 18, 2013
br-ock-ing or br-ock-ed

1. the act of a person pretending to work.
2. presenting little to no valuable work however it is received as genius: see; bullshit.
1. "Where is Brock?" "Oh, he's brocking from home today."
2. "I totally brocked that meeting!"
by sandycrack350 September 22, 2010
v- The act of stealing someone's girlfriend in a swift and often undetectable by the poor, helpless victim.
"Damn, Brock brocked the fuck out of Ryan!"
"Brock just brocked Joey's prom date."
"Brocking is for douchebags"
by BrocksVictim April 17, 2013
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