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An Airforce term (orig Royal New Zealand Airforce No.5 SQN) whereby another aircrew member underhandedly and surreptitiously takes your allocated flying from you.
Weren't you meant to be flying today? No, I got brocked by Jimmy.....
by flyingkiwi July 30, 2011
A state of being completely, black out drunk.
Dude what happened to you last night, you had a few shots and were completely Brocked.
by drmiles1212 November 30, 2011
when someone asks you where you got that item of clothing or accessory and you actually got it from another friend without them knowing it even though you proudly wear it like you own it. So named after the friend in your group who does this the most.
"Hey thats a cool sweatshirt, where did you get it?"

"I brocked it"
by sundshine January 20, 2009
To close your eyes when someone takes your picture.
"I totally brocked that picture."
by GPFTW September 04, 2011
1. In reference to an object or person being found in a previous state.

2. A recursive manner, which one can find themselves in.

3. In reference to an unexpected, non-positive or non-beneficial outcome.
1. "I almost have all the corners on a Rubik's cube solved, doh, I just got brocked."

2. "Hey, I thought you had an interview for a higher paying dream job, why are you still working here?"
"Well, things just did not work out as planned."
"Looks like you got brocked, dude."

3. "Shit, I just got brocked"
by TiZoP March 04, 2008
to have an admission of love go unreturned
"My girlfriend brocked me the other day when I told her I loved her."
by Sivad Neerg April 02, 2009
The swift action of Brock Lesnar's fist to your face.
hahaha dude Mike just got brocked
by drakadog October 08, 2010
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