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a trolling motherfucker

just kidding. A blonde babyfaced stud muffin who reels in all the ladies
B Rob is such a troll
by ijustgotadragontattoo February 29, 2012
5 0
To perform a seemingly straight-forward action without any competency.
That quarterback pulled a b-rob with that interception.
by Project Specifications November 02, 2011
4 1
Tits. Woman's breasts.
Wow, she has nice brobs!
by aardvark_lover April 12, 2013
2 2
A backside flabalanche. A roll of back-fat that hangs over the belt. The opposite of a rob.
Look at that guy. He's got a rob AND a brob. How is that possible.
by kombat August 02, 2005
3 8