A really big character in the book Gulliver's Travels. They are 60+ foot tall humans, and everything in their land is 10x bigger than things in the regular person world. It makes a guy jealous to think that these Brobdingnagians have 80 inch long penises, and boobs 60 inches across, etc.
Brobdingnagians are the only beings with bigger penises than I have.
by Spike-O February 13, 2004
Top Definition

Really fucking big

Originalted from the tale Gulliver's Travels, from the town Brobdingnag, where everything was really fucking big.
John Holmes is brobdingnagian.
Brobdingnagian is a brobdingnagian word.
Spelling brobdingnagian is a brobdingnagian task.
George W Bush is a brobdingnagian fuck up.
by OriginalReaper December 24, 2003
Very large, massive, huge.
My goodness exclaimed Jennie, Kevin's bits are brobdingnagian!
by Hubert September 04, 2003
To be endowed, as to be 3 legged, as to play putt-putt without renting a putter, as to be the Dylan to the Dangler, as to a Battleship in a puddle.
It looks more brobdingnagian with the lights on, due to his personal brobdingnagian he custom orders pants.
by Battleship February 03, 2015
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