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A really big character in the book Gulliver's Travels. They are 60+ foot tall humans, and everything in their land is 10x bigger than things in the regular person world. It makes a guy jealous to think that these Brobdingnagians have 80 inch long penises, and boobs 60 inches across, etc.
Brobdingnagians are the only beings with bigger penises than I have.
by Spike-O February 13, 2004

Really fucking big

Originalted from the tale Gulliver's Travels, from the town Brobdingnag, where everything was really fucking big.
John Holmes is brobdingnagian.
Brobdingnagian is a brobdingnagian word.
Spelling brobdingnagian is a brobdingnagian task.
George W Bush is a brobdingnagian fuck up.
by OriginalReaper December 24, 2003
Very large, massive, huge.
My goodness exclaimed Jennie, Kevin's bits are brobdingnagian!
by Hubert September 04, 2003