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Speaker corp considered highly of by average consumers who have never compared bose to anything other than their $50 radio.

Speaker corp whose flagshit $3500 Lifestyle50 is outperformed by a $700 Onkyo model.

What gullible people buy when they have too much money to spend and not enough time to research.

A name who ignites flames in the hearts of audio enthusiast

A speaker corp who uses shoddy materials, overprices the product, and places displays and demos next to $200 models in order to sound decent by comparison

A speaker corp who uses 5" subwoofers in a $3500 home theater system (note: 5" does not a subwoofer make)

A gullible consumer magnet
Bose uses the same speakers for the $3500 and the $1500 model.
by OriginalReaper December 22, 2003

Really fucking big

Originalted from the tale Gulliver's Travels, from the town Brobdingnag, where everything was really fucking big.
John Holmes is brobdingnagian.
Brobdingnagian is a brobdingnagian word.
Spelling brobdingnagian is a brobdingnagian task.
George W Bush is a brobdingnagian fuck up.
by OriginalReaper December 24, 2003
The internet's golden toilet.
Nothing can tarnish the ICB2
by OriginalReaper February 24, 2004
Musical newbie. Literally a mix between those two. Half MUsic, half newBIE. Its definition is one who likes music but knows nothing about it, often having horrible tastes in it.
Mubies love MTV, the radio, and limboing a search for underground Linkin Park.
by OriginalReaper April 07, 2004
3/4 modern english and 1/4 1337speak
p is pronounced as a p
4 is pronounced as an a, such as hay, today, etc.
ee is pronounced as double ee's, such as "see"

Combined, P4EE is pronounced "Pay", which is what you do when you buy a Pentium4 EE.
I p4eed too much for this 32bit extreme piece of crap, I should've bought an A64.
by OriginalReaper January 27, 2004

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