A word that is Robbie with a b in front of it. It means Meteriod freak. One who would stalker Samus if she was real
Also a fashion of Mexcian
Brobbie is a retard
by Spitfire June 28, 2004
Top Definition
Some weird kid that is only HALF mexican and is a BAD one, at that. Likes to make babies with Diane.
Liz: *slap* You're a bad Mexican!
by Liz June 19, 2004
Brobbie: Proper Noun for sexy kid, prefferably of Mexican descent, as well as a Diane's baby-making slave. Cares for people.
Diane:i love you brobbie
by Robbie June 16, 2004
Slave of caucasian descent who loves and is loved by liz, diane, frank, & benny. TRIES to be mexican by eating Taco Bell.
Brobbie's are sold for 5 cents each.
by Diane June 19, 2004
and old school mexican...ish... sk8...ish.. who cant seem to get a girlfriend. i wonder why...
brobbie: hey wanna go out?
girl: <laughs until she falls over>
by agentscrewball June 30, 2004
ummm noun (from Sloper to Proper) it means uhhhhhh Bunny-loving,ice-cram and Doughnut eating,thinks hes mexican,ddr playing, video game master, homeboy best friend of Andrew! umm yeah thats pretty much it!
Brobbie taco-Bell is NOT mexican food!
by Ever-loving Bob June 17, 2004
kitty tag labled:
{Property of Ninja Tingting}

Kunoichi: "kittie!!! kawaii ne~"
*feeds icecream*
by Killuazoldyck April 10, 2005
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