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Its like bro, only better.

The capital E really accentuates it.
(10:01:29 AM) Beecap: can you give me a ride tonight?
(10:01:42 AM) Pacman: of course broE
(10:01:49 AM) Beecap: Broseph
(10:01:59 AM) Pacman: the capital E really accentuates it
(10:02:07 AM) Beecap: broEEEEE
by Pacman2k September 20, 2007
A hoe, except it is a straight guy who gets paid by other straight guy to have a bromance. A broe is own by a Bromander in Chief (pimp for broes).
"Dude, I'm having troubLe finding a hoe that wiLL have sex with me, I think im gonna have to go after a broe."
by Bromander in Chief December 05, 2009

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