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A term popularized by male college students. It can be used after one male asks another if he would like to do something (i.e. grab dinner, go out, etc.) and the other male denies his request. "Bro-blocker" can be substituted with "B-B."
Roommate 1: "Bro, we're all going to fourth meal, wanna go?"

Roommate 2: "Na man, I got stuff to do."

Roommate 1: "Dude, you're such a bro-blocker!"
by mdwargo March 22, 2009
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When a friend , sister, brother ..goes out of their way to try and hang out with a your brother .Stopping you from hangN with him yourself
Man did you just see that?? Angie , just totaly jump in between Linda and Matt just to hang out with him herself , what a Broblocker ..
by BroSnarr July 15, 2011
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