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A bro who’s never tan, and is so white that he looks like he could glow in the dark.
Justin needs to take his shirt off and get a tan—if he doesn’t he’ll bro in the dark.”

by sebastian crucial December 05, 2006
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When you are bro'in out and the power shuts off. This of course renders a Gamecube useless so super smash melee is impossible. This forces bros to argue over RISK strategies and often leads to accusations of dick in mouth. Bros will eventually proceed to tire, fall asleep, and wake up renewed to bro out once the power returns.
Those bros in suite B3C were totally Bro'in out when the power shut off. I heard Phil thinks starting with Australia is a poor strategy if you want first place, but Mike blames this opinion on the dick in Phil's mouth. I wish I could Bro in the Dark!
by Oznec September 21, 2008
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