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When your really hard up for a piece of ass and a good friend allows you to cum inside of him.
Sean: Man Tim is really in a bad mood.
Adam: Ya he's really hard up for a piece of ass. Maybe he could use your Bro Hole?
Sean: O.K. let me go freshen up a bit.
by Untamed Uncut March 30, 2014
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A sacred place reserved for only bros. Any intrusion from a non-bro results in an immediate discharge and ejection of the intruder.
My slampiece started to finger my brohole before I slapped her hand away and told her it was for bros only.
by Brohard January 24, 2011
When a girl has sex with group of friends back and forth within a period of time.
Man, I hate jerking off, time to call up that bro hole.
by Fred Jeffers December 14, 2010
A hole which is to be used only by your best friend, in times of need.
It's not gay, not if you don't push back.
"I'm not gay, I was only using his bro hole"
by rufus benjamin July 19, 2008

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