ussually white guys, with lifted trucks. listen to the newest rap, hardcore, rock.
example- KMK, Disturbed, lil' john etc.

-wear hates at an angle with the visor part fliped up. sometimes have a sign or symbol on it.
-wear skin and no fear shirts.
-jerseys, bandannas, or no shirt at all.
-generaly dress in all black.
-wear big rings, have plugs.
-ussualy seen in the OC, Califronia area.
-use the west side sign more often then needed.
-ussualy seen with black spiked hair.
-into metal mulisha
-wear sunglasses
-kind of in to them selfs

dirt bikes. smoking. drinking. weed. girls.

they dont really care about much. they Normally want to start something or get into a fight. puff there chest up to look bigger and/or tougher.
At a party*

josh-"Why is that Bro over there wearing his hat like that?" (in a loud voice)

Greg-"I have no idea. it looks so dumb."

Bro- " WhAt DiD YoU SaY FaGgOt?? YoU WaNt Me To BeAt YoUr ASS? HUH? what? what?"
by MXrider101 August 23, 2005
"The Three Types of Bros"

SMART BROS can turn the broness on and off when they have to. they are not truly dedicated but parts of them resemble a bro. if they had to they could get rid of the bro accent and swagger and be a normal guy.

AVERAGE BROS are not stupid but majority of the time they are true bros. they go to the gym and talk stats about games all the time they have tattoos of crosses but not hardcore ones. they can get rid of the broness if they really want to but they normally dont cause they dont want to be embarrassed in front of their friends.

and then there are the HARD CORE BROS / HELMET BROS . always match their clothes. have dip in their mouth all the time. constantly talking about drinking, sports, or working out. at the gym check themselves out in the mirror more then a girl. actually they check themselves out in any shiny surface. have many large cross tats with a shamrock or a sports team on it . protein shakes are always with them they yell and make constipation noises when they lift weights, they yell when they are done, and always slap each others asses. They are so stupid they need helmets
Person1: Now around the fraternity part of the college you are going to find that there are alot of...


Person 1: bros
by liljohnmac2269 November 25, 2009
18-25 year old white upper middle class males who attend universities, and are usually members of fraternities. During free time they enjoy playing sports such as ultimate frisbee, lacross, flag football, fishing, and beach volleyball. They are knowledgeable about most spectator sports and attend sporting events regularly. Bros are often actively envolved in fantasy football, and will form leagues with other bros. They enjoy attending suburban house parties and frat parties, and are skilled at most drinking games. They also have a fairly refined taste for good beer, and can afford to drink it more often than others their age, but still must resort to cheap beer at times. Bros enjoy the presence of attractive women, but are also content with simply "broing out". Favorite clothing brands include polo, vinyard vines, jcrew, and lacoste. Shorts include brightly colored, madras, crittered, seer-suckers and the classic khakis. Footwear comprises mostly of sperry topsiders, flip flops, and asics runners. Hats with pre-frayed brims are popular, as are Costa Del Mar sunglasses with crokies. Bro bands include Dave Matthews, OAR, Incubus, Jack Johnson, Dispatch, and Sister Hazel. Bros drive SUVs and trucks, and contrary to popular belief, do not always lift them, and when they do, the lift rarely exceeds 4 inches. Upper-end colleges in the South contain the most bros. These schools include Vanderbilt, University of Virginia, Southern Methodist University, and Duke. Most SEC schools are bro, and the University of Texas and Notre Dame are also excessively bro. Bros are conservative in their political affiliation, and have a fairly strong value system, although they are often immature in their actions. Many people would consider bros racist, but they can actually tolerate well spoken or respectable blacks that attempt to assimilate into mainstream society. Certain names are more bro than others. Last names that are usually first names, such as Ryan, and last names that are verbs, such as Rush, are bro.

Common Misconceptions:
-bros do not necessarily drive lifted trucks

-bros are not rednecks or white trash, and they actually seek higher education, if for no other reason than that their parents can afford it.


-Bros are not gym rats; they enjoy working out, but are not excessively big

-Bros do not act gangster by any means, other than to mock black culture. They can, however, enjoy rap music on occasion

Yeh, that guy at the Beta house was a bro for sure.

This video deserves much credit for inspiring this entry:
by Colt Ryan October 21, 2008
Short for "brother". A way of addressing virtually anybody. Used much the same way as "bud", "buddy", "dude", or "man". Originally pronounced "bruh", nowadays it usually rhymes with "snow".
Sing a song, bro. (Jimi Hendrix, from "If 6 Was 9")
by Bro Dudely September 26, 2005
First off, a bro isn't what is portrayed by "Brorape" by Derrick Comedy, and a bro for sure isn't a white trash racist hick who does nothing but drive "a lifted truck or dirtbikes." and wear Famous and stuff like that. They also aren't visor wearing, birkenstock rockin hippie hybrids either. A bro is generally a white kid, but there are certainly african-american or hispanic bros, who are about 16-25. Mostly hailin' from New England and Long Island. Lax or hockey is popular amongst bros, especially on the East Coast where the true bros reside. They can be seen rocking shoes with tall socks, more popular with Laxers, cargo or khaki shorts from Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and Hollister, but there are certainly other companies, Jeans if not shorts from various companies, various tees, not usually polos, and hoodies (depending on season) that may tend to be ripped down the middle where the hood meets the sweatshirt. Long Island and New England is pretty populated with these bros, thanks to the prevalence of Lax, Hockey, Baseball, and the popularity of the beaches. At any beach you can find some dudes hitting waves year round. They either shred the set, or get shacked hard.
That's pretty much it, Bro.
Bro A: Dude, I'm so tired of all these retarded stereotypes of bros on here.

Bro B: Yeah Bro, I was thinking the same thing.
by ECBR0 April 26, 2009
an 18 to 24 year-old male who wears birkenstock sandals, watches family guy, plays ultimate frisbee, and wears an upside-down visor or a baseball cap with a pre-frayed brim, you know, a bro
"you met chad over the internet, is that right?"
'ya, uh, ya i mean he seemed like a pretty cool bro'
by colapsedlungman July 25, 2009
Redneck + wigger = Bro. Obsessed with the Metal Mulisha, Bam Margera, dirtbikes, and huge gas-guzzling American trucks. Listen to music like The Kottonmouth Kings, Insane Clown Posse, Eminem, DMX, Dr. Dre, Afroman, Linkin Park, post-Black Album Metallica, etc. Usually racist (regardless of the fact that they listen to rap and look slightly "ghetto"...theyre the only type of people who would utter the phrase "Yo, I hate black people, yo." and not be kidding). Also very homophobic (regardless of the fact that they love 'play fighting' with their male friends), and usually make fun of mentally retarded kids (even though theyre just as stupid). Usually seen doing stupid shit like reinacting Jackass stunts or yelling idiotic shit to people out their giant truck window.

How do you spot a bro, you ask? Easy...they're EVERYWHERE! Can be seen in hoodies or t-shirts with dirtbike brand logos on them such as Fox Racing, baggy shorts with a studded belt, trucker hat backwards or sideways. They think they're tough shit but most of the time they're all talk.
Sometimes my friend and I easedrop on conversations that bros are having, to see how many times they say the words "fuck" and "faggot"
by Pauly Wally May 19, 2006

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