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a bro is a white guy who wears brands such as skin,metal mulisha,srh,and 187 inc.The typical bro wears dickies shorts and long socks.They listen to Kottonmouth Kings,Big B,Kingspade,stuff like that.They drive lifted trucks,drink,and are crazy about smoking weed.
they go to the desert in the winter season and the river in the summer.They ride dirtbixes,quads,and drive dune buggys.
Johnny Richter and D-Loc are examples of bros
by brohoe13<33 September 24, 2006
a boy or girl who listens to punk bands such as the germs,dead kennedys,the adicts,and much more.they usually have a mowhawk or liberty spikes.They dont wash their hair that often.maybe once or twice a week.They sew band patchs on their pants with dental floss because its stronger.They usually wear butt flaps that have a band's name on it.Its attached to the backside of their tight pants.Their clothes are raggidy and cheap.They sew material on their pants with various patterns such as leopard,cheetah,and plaid.They usually "bum" around for money.they drink and some smoke as well.Some are anti-racist.
My ex boyfriend was a punker.I learned a lot from him.=]
by brohoe13<33 September 24, 2006
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