A place in England for black people.If you are white,and go there,you'll get shot.
White guy 1 : Ah,I don't have legs anymore!
White guy 2 : Oh,seems like you went to war...
White guy 1 : No,duchebag.I went to Brixton!
White guy 2 : Are you crazy?!
by R0dr1g0 December 18, 2005
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A depressing hole south of the river. Where the only grass is the dried kind.Don't make eye contact with anyone unless you want to be shot.Londons' ghetto.
Wow! I got out of Brixton alive!
by col January 25, 2005
Some arsehole says that Brixton isn't that much more dangerous than other parts of London. Perhaps that arsehole should consider getting off the weed and read some police statistics for Lambeth. Start at Cold Harbour Lane having the dubious distinction of being statistically the most dangerous street in the U.K. and move on from there.

Time to get into reality, tough guy.
Cold Harbour Lane Brixton London
by MandyJ February 23, 2008
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