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Shy, but funny when you get to know her. Won't be outgoing unless you push her to do her best. Hot - tempered, but won't fight back unless provoked. Never underestimate her. Loyal to friends and family. May not be the prettiest person, but she has a great heart.
Girl: Britney is so nice!
by musical_briii December 05, 2013
adj., a goddess of beauty, charm and dancing prowess..
powerful icon who can move anything..
britney spears is a britney
by jownah January 07, 2007
The act of an extremely short marriage that can be measured by hours in the double-digits.

One who is in a marriage for a times period shorter than a week.
Wow, Kim Kardashian is such a Britney.

Honey, i told you not to go to Vegas, i totally knew you would pull a Britney.
by YourMOMsbitch February 19, 2012
A pop culture term used to describe a woman's vagina that is completely shaved/waxed and shown off to the public.
Lauren Conrad: "I just saw LO's Britney"
by Brooke Wells October 11, 2007
to not wear panties,go commando, be trashy
damn did u see the news britney pulled a briteny
by skylar crooooook January 23, 2007
Modern cockney rhyming slang. Britney Spears = Beers.
"Shall I go to the bar and get the britneys in then?"
by Dannybuoy October 13, 2005
A very ugly person. Someone who thinks they are better than everyone but really they are not
Oh god that girl is such a Britney
by brokengirlj June 19, 2011