adj., a goddess of beauty, charm and dancing prowess..
powerful icon who can move anything..
britney spears is a britney
by jownah January 07, 2007
Shy, but funny when you get to know her. Won't be outgoing unless you push her to do her best. Hot - tempered, but won't fight back unless provoked. Never underestimate her. Loyal to friends and family. May not be the prettiest person, but she has a great heart.
Girl: Britney is so nice!
by musical_briii December 05, 2013
A complete bitch of a girl that looks like a monkeys ass.
Woah, she looks like a Britney.
by Get Legs March 07, 2015
In prison it is a saying used to see if you are a coward or a pussy and if you are the will jump and rape you
"Aye you know Britney" inmate 1
"Nahhh bruh she ain't no where near me" inmate2
"Ohhh ight bruh just checking"
by just knowing November 10, 2014
The act of an extremely short marriage that can be measured by hours in the double-digits.

One who is in a marriage for a times period shorter than a week.
Wow, Kim Kardashian is such a Britney.

Honey, i told you not to go to Vegas, i totally knew you would pull a Britney.
by YourMOMsbitch February 19, 2012
A pop culture term used to describe a woman's vagina that is completely shaved/waxed and shown off to the public.
Lauren Conrad: "I just saw LO's Britney"
by Brooke Wells October 11, 2007
Modern cockney rhyming slang. Britney Spears = Beers.
"Shall I go to the bar and get the britneys in then?"
by Dannybuoy October 13, 2005

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