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Britney Spears - rhymes with Beers. Ross O Carroll Kelly Books Slang
Knockin back the Britneys - Knockin back the Beers
by anon December 27, 2004
Rhyming slang for beer: Britney Spears = beers
I'm off down the rub a dub dub for a coupla britney's.
by rasko September 12, 2003
Breast implants
by Clutchworld May 31, 2003
When your female genitalia becomes exposed because you are not wearing panties under your dress or skirt.

You better put on some panties, we do not want to see your Britney!
by JuicyJK September 03, 2008
the biggest whore you will ever meet in your entire life. do not be friends with her because she is a whinny little whore and even thought you hate her most people will absolutly love her. she will most definantly date the guy you like and try to become friends with you.
Oh my gosh he is dating that britney.

Friend: Who is he dating?
Other Friend: That man stealing britney.
by iieriin October 16, 2008
an exposed vagina (preferably without hair)
She's not wearing any underwear... I just saw her Britney!
by sexpotch October 09, 2007
A type of haircut for a woman, which involves completely shaving off
im going to ask for the Britney

Im going to have the britney done
by Tom1702 September 05, 2008