Modern cockney rhyming slang. Britney Spears = Beers.
"Shall I go to the bar and get the britneys in then?"
by Dannybuoy October 13, 2005
Britney Spears - rhymes with Beers. Ross O Carroll Kelly Books Slang
Knockin back the Britneys - Knockin back the Beers
by anon December 27, 2004
to not wear panties,go commando, be trashy
damn did u see the news britney pulled a briteny
by skylar crooooook January 23, 2007
Rhyming slang for beer: Britney Spears = beers
I'm off down the rub a dub dub for a coupla britney's.
by rasko September 12, 2003
A very ugly person. Someone who thinks they are better than everyone but really they are not
Oh god that girl is such a Britney
by brokengirlj June 19, 2011
vagina, a females vagina, gina.
OMG, i just saw her britney!
by slcindy October 15, 2007
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