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Britical = Brutal + Critical
Origin: Andre Nickatina
Used: In "Killa Whale" by Andre Nickatina

See example quote below for context in which this word was used
"So read my mind, the situation's critical
And off that chewy man shit can get like britical"
by poppin June 08, 2004
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unnecessarily harsh criticism of britney spears, usually by lady gaga fans who can't accept the fact that lady gaga owes everything to britney spears and that britney spears secretly wrote all of her major hits
" Britney has copied EVERYONE! She's writes nothing, she choreographs nothing, she practically sings NOTHING! She is a Product, a CHEAP, MADE IN CHINA, PROBABLY CONTAINS ASBESTOS, PUPPET!"

omg you are soo britical lol
by tensacross August 29, 2011
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