your lackie; someone who do things for you on command in fear that they will get a severe beating from their "master"
Hey britch, get me a soda.
by Annie December 30, 2003
Top Definition
Southern slang for "pants" or "jeans."
"Pull up your britches, I can see ya draws!"
by L.B.B. May 15, 2005
A person of British origin that is completely and utterly a bitch
Anna: oh hey Alanna welcome to America
Alanna: what in the bloody hell did you just call me ya fucking twat I'll punch ya right in the arse
Anna: Let's fight you stupid britch
by Maximus the Destroyer June 04, 2015
A person from Great britain that's a pain in the ass
Those ******* Britches sould start using the Euro
by Stefan L November 08, 2007
One of your bros, that is also a bitch.
You drive a Prius? Wow, you're such a britch.

Go bag my groceries, you Jewel Osco britch.

Nice full-tilt hat, britch!
by BDaleBoy October 21, 2010
One of your bros, that is also a bitch.
Nice full-tilt hat, Britch.

Go back to Jewel, Britch.

You bought a Prius? Wow, you're such a Britch.
by Sprochacho October 20, 2010
A British citizen who is a bitch.
Shut up you pommy! Your such a britch!
by hannahgoodwin July 23, 2008
A female that is good friends with a guy. Taken from the word "bitch," she has attained "bro" status.
Vann is my britch.
by doppelmeister December 02, 2009
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