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Bro point; a "point" being a reward for a positive action, the broint is a point awarded to a bro for doing bro-like actions.
Cameron Guthery got a rad amount of broints for standing up to that one bitch that fucked me over.
by Doppelmeister January 05, 2010
A male that claims to be heterosexual but is extremely vocal about his distaste for the female clitoris. He props up the illusion of his heterosexuality by relying solely on his negativity and uncanny ability to belittle others.
Every time I feel down, I just remember how much Jake Geer is a clit hater and then I perk right up!
by doppelmeister October 31, 2009
A woman that acts really bitchy to the point of acting like a man being an asshole. To call a person simply a "bitch" would be to credit her with too much femininity. A shortened form of "fucking bitch," a fuck-bitch is a compound noun that describes a person that is both a bitch and a fuck, but not a fucking bitch. Emphasis is taken off of the "bitch" part and placed on both words simultaneously to make the term more masculine.
Lauren is a stupid little fuck-bitch.
by doppelmeister October 26, 2009
A female that is good friends with a guy. Taken from the word "bitch," she has attained "bro" status.
Vann is my britch.
by doppelmeister December 02, 2009

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