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Another way of saying bring it on. It is a invitation to make someone perform a action.
Watch me destroy you!
Bring it!
by TheTallTale March 09, 2005
A shorter form of saying 'Delicious'.
This tastes delish.
Mmm, mmm, delish.
by TheTallTale March 06, 2005
A word used when asking someone "how is it going?" or "what is going on?".
Hey friend, what is the scoop on the hockey game?
by TheTallTale March 05, 2005
a phrase that is yelled out, it is used to command someone to fire their firearm. Usally when someone is not firing. Mostly used in the military.
"Get the led out, marine!"
by TheTallTale March 06, 2005
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