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Someone who adds nothing to any social situation but instead scrapes away any vibes and kills the mood with any contribution they make.
"That guy is such a Brillo Pad, he's killed at least five conversations by just standing there being totally vibeless"
by Gobblesesh November 08, 2012
a woman's pubic hair bush that is very dense, very curly
I can't get my fingers through your pubic hair, your bush is like a brillo pad.
by Jake January 21, 2004
1. A rough cloth used to scrub.
2. A head of curly unsoft hair.
3. Anything rough in feeling.
1. I need a brillo pad to get this clean.
2. I can't get my fingers through this brillo pad.
3. Your skin is like a brillo pad.
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
A soap filled cleaning device thats made of steel woll but feels like its made of mens pubic hair.
I make my own brillo pads out of my own pubic hair.
by Brewski. August 02, 2009
a brillo's house, usually a pretty chill place
victor bennedson's house

brad: ayy where you at?
victor: the brillo pad
brad: niiccee, be right over
by cudibudi February 01, 2011
Good breasts
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
When a curly haired girl studying to be a rabbi is giving you head and unexpectedly without warning slurps on your butthole
Rabbi rectum is a brillo pad.
by Go Mets December 03, 2006