1. A rough cloth used to scrub.
2. A head of curly unsoft hair.
3. Anything rough in feeling.
1. I need a brillo pad to get this clean.
2. I can't get my fingers through this brillo pad.
3. Your skin is like a brillo pad.
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
Top Definition
a woman's pubic hair bush that is very dense, very curly
I can't get my fingers through your pubic hair, your bush is like a brillo pad.
by Jake January 21, 2004
A soap filled cleaning device thats made of steel woll but feels like its made of mens pubic hair.
I make my own brillo pads out of my own pubic hair.
by Brewski. August 02, 2009
When a man rubs his beard on a girls asshole
Lisa wants Kevin to Brillo pad the shit out of her ass!!!!
by Brillo pad fluff February 25, 2015
Someone who adds nothing to any social situation but instead scrapes away any vibes and kills the mood with any contribution they make.
"That guy is such a Brillo Pad, he's killed at least five conversations by just standing there being totally vibeless"
by Gobblesesh November 08, 2012
a brillo's house, usually a pretty chill place
victor bennedson's house

brad: ayy where you at?
victor: the brillo pad
brad: niiccee, be right over
by cudibudi February 01, 2011
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